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Headed North – The current migration of the men’s trouser length.

If you keep up with current fashion in any regard, one thing should stand out – men’s pants are trending north….luckily, it’s the hem and not the waistline that’s movin’ on up. For those that have been around for a while, we know that this too shall likely pass. Nonetheless, I thought it would be an interesting topic to take on. Is it here to stay? Should I order or tailor my pants' legs to a shorter length?

Not so fast. Let’s start by taking a look at the typical standard length of a pair of pants. The method by which I would typically determine the length of your pants is simple – I measure from the top of your waistband to the floor and subtract an inch and a half. This would be your finished outseam. 95% of the time this gets it done. This measurement, minus your rise, would give me your finished inseam. However, based on current trend, we’re seeing a more aggressive approach – with some shortening as much as four or five inches.

Is it here to stay? Probably not; but there’s nothing wrong with embracing the trend if it’s within your means. If you’re seeking to add a new pair of pants to your wardrobe and you’re fully prepared to send them to the Salavation Army when and if the trend passes – No problem. Shorten at will. If you own very few suits and this new purchase is expected to last you a while, I would strongly encourage you to stick to the standard length. It’s perfectly acceptable and should remain timeless for many years to come.

Remember – Dress well and please forward any questions you may have! We’re happy to help!

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