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Where to begin? How do I build my wardrobe?

When it comes to clothing, the two questions I get asked the most – “How many suits should I own?” and “Which suit should I begin with?”

I’ll give my opinion on both of these with several simplicities and complexities for each.

First of all – How many suits should I own? The simple answer is as many as you need. That’s avoiding the question, right? Let’s start here – Every man should own at least one suit. Even if you’re the guy that “never wears a suit”, you still need at least one quality suit. Think of it as your wedding/funeral suit. Every man needs one. What to choose? Aim for simple and timeless – Solid color (charcoal gray is my preference); The jacket should be simple – Two button, notch lapel; The pants – No pleats, no cuff. This will go with just about any shirt/tie combo and shall remain timeless for years to come. The other “must have” would be a simple blazer or sportcoat. The obvious choice here would be the classic navy blazer. You can never go wrong with​

​ a well tailored navy blazer. Pair it with khakis, jeans, or the pants from that charcoal gray suit you just bought.

Now lets look at the other end of the spectrum – How often do you wear a suit? Every day? Okay – To me its fairly simple, you should own at minimum two suits for each day of the week and here’s my logic – you need at least one per day, with the opportunity to launder a one week cycle every other week. Let’s assume you're starting from scratch building this type of wardrobe. Where do I begin? First and foremost, I would encourage you to buy the best quality you can afford. A well-constructed custom tailored suit will last you for many years if you care for it properly. What style/color? Again, just as mentioned above, you want to build your basics and work from there. Start with solids and simple stripes. Dark grays, blues, and blacks are always a safe start. Don’t get carried away – building a wardrobe can get quite expensive. Even though we are in the business of selling clothes, I fully acknowledge that an extensive wardrobe can do serious damage to your bank account. Be sure to look at, or ask your tailor to consider, the flexibility of the garments you choose. For example, let's assume you come to me with an established wardrobe and are seeking a sportcoat. My first question would be “What pants do you have in your current wardrobe?” If budget were a concern, our goal would be to begin with a jacket that would compliment your current pant and shirt selection. The more intricate the fabric, the more limited the flexibility of that garment.

So in summary – Own at least one suit, start with the basics, and consider the flexibility of the garments you choose! Hopefully this helps and as always, feel free to forward any questions you may have. We’re happy to help!

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