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of, relating to, or near a coast









(of goods, especially clothing) made to order.

About Coastal Bespoke

Coastal Bespoke is a Wilmington, NC based provider of men's custom tailored shirts, suits, jackets, trousers, and apparel.  


When we founded Coastal Bespoke, our goal was quite simple - to provide exceptional garments at an exceptional value. We felt it was critical to provide 100% custom tailored garments in a variety of price points in order to appeal to a broad customer base.  We believe we have been quite successful in this mission. Our custom tailored shirts begin at just $125 and our custom tailored suits begin at just $675.


As you review our swatches, you will notice that we have crafted our selection with many coastal themed choices; however, you will also find numerous classics and fabrics that reflect the most current fashion trends.


Our passion is to help you dress better than ever before.  We aspire to bring you a "shopping" experience unlike any other.  It's our pleasure to meet with you in the environment of your choosing and you'll never feel obligated or unnecessary pressure during our encounter. We're simply happy to help you look good.


We bring over 17 years experience in the industry and look forward to discussing your clothing needs with you in the near future.



- Joy Davidson




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